Residential Tile Roofing

Residential Roofing Repairs in Richmond, VA 

At Hermitage Roofing Company, Inc., we know roofs. We know the roof over your head is what stands between the weather and your most valued possessions. If the roof isn’t in good shape at all times, it can cause a disaster. Our highly trained and educated professional roofers are ready to handle the job with various roofing types available. If tile roofing is what you want, tile roofing is what you’ll get.

Different Types of Tile Roofing Materials

There are many roofing materials, and even within the scope of one type, there are multiple varieties. Tiled roofing materials are commonly made from metal, concrete, clay, ceramic and composite materials. If there’s a specific look you’re trying to achieve, you might even mix the different materials to get what you’re hoping for. Each type of roofing material has its benefits, so it’s important you speak with our roofing professionals to discuss which might be best for your home.

The Benefits of Tile Roofing

While tile roof types are commonly found in Arizona and New Mexico, they are becoming more and more popular in other states as well; even Virginia. At Hermitage Roofing Company, Inc., we serve all of the Central Virginia areas so every homeowner can reap the benefits of a tiled roof. Some of those benefits include:

  • Lower Energy Costs – During the hot summers, tiled roofs are especially good at deflecting the sun. This decreases the amount of pressure put on your HVAC system, reducing the amount of energy it puts out, which could significantly lower your energy costs.
  • Longer Life – There are many reasons tile roofing materials will last longer than traditional roofing materials, but one of those reasons is that they prevent ice-damming and weather contractions. Tiles hold up quite well during harsh winters, making them last the life of the home itself.
  • Customization – Tile roofs come in a wide range of colors. You can also mix it up with different finishes and designs. There’s so much you can play with to make your home truly unique, even at the roof level. We can help you develop an excellent design with colors that complement the rest of your home’s exterior.
  • Minimal Repairs – Every roof will need a repair or two in its lifetime, but tile materials significantly cut down the number of repairs your roof will need. Even against fire, it stands firm and protects your home.

The Roofing Services You Can Count On

If you’re considering a tiled roof, already have a tile roof, or just wonder what the fuss is all about, we’re happy to help. Our roofing services include installation, repair, replacement, and maintenance. Your roof is worth the effort, and with a little bit of love, it will protect you for many more years to come. Contact Hermitage Roofing Company, Inc. today at (804) 746-2628 to get your questions answered.

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