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Assessing Weather Damage

Even the most prepared homeowner can fall victim to a damaged roof after a storm. Wind, rain, and hail can cause significant damage, leading to more costly repairs if not corrected quickly. There are some easy ways for you to check for weather damage to the roof of your home.

Obviously, a fallen tree is a cause for concern and precautions should be taken immediately. Stay out of your home and away from the point of impact since there might be structural damage and call a professional as soon as possible.

Walk around the perimeter of the house and look for fallen shingles or metal pieces. Anything that looks like it does not belong could have come from the roof. Inspect the gutters for signs of damage like sags or dents. If the gutter is no longer attached to the roof, it will need to be repaired quickly to prevent water damage to the home. Look at the roof shingles and scan for missing spots, which may be darker than the rest of the roof. If a storm produced hail, also check the siding for dents and dings.

Next, you will want to check the inside of your home for potential water damage. Check the attic and walls for leaks or signs of water. If you see any water stains, you will likely need repairs soon or possibly a roof replacement. Keep in mind that your homeowner’s insurance policy may cover storm related roof repairs.  

The best and most obvious way to assess the amount of damage to your roof is to climb up and inspect it closely. This is risky if the roof has been weakened or remains slippery. Instead of taking the chance of injuring yourself, call a professional to conduct the inspection. An expert will know what to look for and can give you an accurate report of what repairs are needed. You can use that information when you contact your insurance company to file a claim.

Above all, stay safe and make the repairs before further damage is done.

Looking For a Roof Repair or Inspection?

Whether you have known damage or just want to determine if your roof requires maintenance, you can put your trust in Hermitage Roofing Company. The Hermitage team can regularly inspect your roof or after adverse weather and let you know if an older roof is due for a replacement. Although there are many causes of roof damage, there is a common solution. Contact Hermitage Roofing Company for all of your repair and maintenance needs.